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Publishing Principles

For any questions about the below, you can reach me by email at amy(at) or hello(at) Please check out our privacy policy and other policies for more detailed info outside of publishing.

Editorial Principles

I Love Origami is an English language global web journal dedicated to presenting original craft tutorials, videos, as well as roundups and collections of these featuring other websites and bloggers’ work.

Our editors take responsibility for all works published on They are committed to guaranteeing both accuracy and editorial quality through peer review and careful editing.

We aim to be transparent about our processes, including any mistakes or findings incurred during the creation of the project.

Corrections Policy

Accidents happen. Things are left out unintentionally. How we deal with errors in our blog posts is important to maintaining our integrity and the trust of readers and sources. When I Love Origami publishes an error, we will acknowledge it and take appropriate steps to correct it as quickly as possible.

Readers who wish to alert us to a needed correction can leave a note as a comment on the blog post or email amy(at)

Occasionally, an error may not be a misstated fact, but a matter of nuance, context or tone. A perceived error may also be a matter of differences in how a project or recipe is carried out.

It is expected that online stories will be polished and expanded after their initial posting. Price and availability of supplies and ingredients can change frequently, and editors don’t guarantee these numbers (they are estimates). Our goal is to keep information as updated as possible in a constantly changing environment.

Ethics Policy

We consider these guidelines to be a “living document” that we will continually modify and update based on feedback from our readers and from our perceptions of our changing needs.

Conflicts of Interest – currently no free supplies are being accepted for the writing of blog posts. If a free item was accepted to write a blog post, the post will be marked “sponsored” or list this information in the blog post. This is rare.

Fairness – Fairness includes honesty — leveling with the reader. We attempt to document all the steps that come with making crafts and cooking recipes, whether positive or negative. We will never consciously mislead deceive a reader just to get a post published.

Opinion – Along with tutorials and recipes written in blog posts, you will often receive additional stories or writing to enhance the “flavor” of the post. Our writers understand that any added flair is a matter of opinion, and readers should keep this in mind as well.

Attribution – we will always be honest about the sources of our information and link to original sources. We love other bloggers and websites and believe there is room for everyone. If you see any errors in our attribution, please email and we will get it corrected immediately.

Our goal is simply to promote creativity. When people are more creative, they are better, and the world is better as a result. Thank you for reading!