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Origami Frog (Easiest Method)

Discover the art of folding an origami frog with this simple tutorial. You can make the cutest amphibians with just a sheet of paper.

Skills Required: None. This is a great project for beginners and one of the most simple origami animals you can make. Get a video at the bottom of the post showing all the folds.

easy frog origami

Have you ever wanted to jump into the world of origami and didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re looking for a fun, creative activity that both kids and adults can enjoy together?

Today we’re going to fold up some fun with a super simple origami project that’s perfect for beginners. Get ready to transform a plain piece of paper into a charming little origami frog.

In Japanese culture, frogs have a special place and are often associated with positive meanings. The word for frog in Japanese is “kaeru,” which phonetically shares the same pronunciation as the word for “return.”

Because of this linguistic coincidence, frogs are seen as symbols of good fortune when it comes to returning safely from a journey. They are also considered lucky charms for bringing money and prosperity back to a person.

frog origami instructions

This symbolism makes frogs popular motifs in various Japanese art forms, including charms, decorations, and even origami.

Origami frogs specifically carry some of these cultural connotations. They are sometimes used as a whimsical, thoughtful gift, given with hopes of return and good fortune, or to encourage someone to save money or wish them prosperity.

This project is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the wonders of origami, and by the end of it, you’ll have a cute little amphibian friend to show off.

So, grab your paper – any color will do, though green might feel extra frog-like – and find a comfortable spot.

origami simple frogs

Whether you’re sitting at your kitchen table or lounging outside on a sunny day, this frog project is a great way to add a little creativity and fun to your day. Let’s get folding!

Easy Paper Frog

Begin with a 15 cm (6″) square piece of paper (or size of your choice), colored on both sides. The size of the paper square will determine the size of the finished frog. Mine is 89 mm tall (3 1/2″) by 95 mm wide (almost 3 3/4″).

Make the Base Folds

Place your paper on your surface with the points at the top and bottom. Fold in half, then rotate a half turn and fold in half again.

Fold into a triangle then turn and fold in half again

Turn the paper a quarter turn and repeat what you did before. Fold in half to create a square. Rotate a half turn and fold in half again.

Turn a quarter turn, then fold in half and repeat

Create the Body

Form the body by creating triangles on both sides. You’re going to push in the sides as shown below.

Fold both sides in to make triangles

Form the Legs

Form the legs by folding a flap up on either side. Do it on the right and then the left.

Fold both corners up to make legs

Now you’re going to fold the back legs. Pull up the right flap and fold the right point in towards the center. Then do the same thing on the left side, pulling up the right flap and folding in the left point toward the center.

Lift up the body on both sides of the paper and fold legs under

Turn over and there’s your frog!

Flip over and add the googly eyes

Make a bunch of these, and don’t forget the googly eyes!

origami frog

Are you ready for the video? Learn how to make an origami frog below! Then let me know what you think in the comments!